Tuesday, December 13, 2011

pretty things to print : gift tags

 There are so many cute printables out there.   Free printables, that is! I found a whole lot of free printable gift tags.  I love them because they add a little oomph to you gifts, if you know what I mean.
 Gift tags make every present so much more fun and I think they complete the look.  So I scoured the inter web looking for printable gift tags.  All of these are free.  Enjoy!

I found these beautiful tags on eat,drink,chic.  She used brown stock, but you could use any paper.

These are very cute hand drawn printable tags from sissy sparrows. Love the reindeer.

Vintage inspired holidays are so in right now.  Go check out these tags a miss pickles press.

The Mollie from the wild olive drew these tags wit her bamboo drawing tablet.  again aren't they adorable?

You guys knew I had to throw a little Martha Stewart in there didn't ya?  I love these tags and will probably use them for my family.

To add some modern flavor, I found these tags from Jones design company. There is an assortment of colors and prints. (The green chevron ,not shown, being my favorite, of course!)

While this next printable isn't a gift tag, it still went with our theme; Christmas!  And who doesn't like an ELF quote?  I found these over at printable decor. She has amazing printables for every occasion!

To find additional round-ups, click over here and here. Thanks for reading. Have a great Holiday!


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