Monday, December 12, 2011

diy: easy Christmas glitter globes

The other day I made snow globes.  Well kinda. They're really cheap and make great Christmas gifts.  I made mine with little trees, but you could put virtually anything in them.

What you'll need:

small glass or plastic jar or globe


small figurine or little ornaments


First I cut some sequins into larger peices of glitter.  All I had was the powder kind.  Yes. it was kinda tedious, but I thought it was worth it. 

I found a 8 pack of mini trees at hobby lobby for 50% off!  Yippee! I added a bit of hot glue to the bottom of the tree and used needle nose pliers to stick it to the bottom.  Now if you are using a jar instead of a cheap plastic globe, glue the tree or other ornament to the inside of the jar lid.

Next I cut a piece of ribbon to fit all the way around the little cap.  I cut a slightly smaller piece of contrast ribbon for a little loop.  Now it can be an ornament or a glitter globe.  Or both!

Then I put me cut up sequins inside, added water and then the glitter.

To make sure the cap wont come off and ruin your masterpiece, add hot glue to the inside rim of the cap and carefully screw it on.

                       Shake and enjoy!

Add ribbon, a tag, or whatever else you want on the outside.  And now you have a great little gift for teachers, friends, neighbors, whoever! Have a great holiday season!


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