Tuesday, October 11, 2011

'toy' cameras!

OK guys.  So I have found a new love of 'toy' cameras.  If you are not familiar with them you can read about them HERE.  They are so cool and interesting. I am looking into getting one. I came across them on Elsie's blog.  She is an amazing photographer, and I am not, so I am hoping to learn.  Here are a couple of cameras I am drooling over:

- Golden Half Camera
This little beaut takes two pictures onto one frame, so it uses less film.  That's a plus because film can get expensive.   I love all of the example pictures on this one.  So cool!

-White Slim Angle Wide-Angle Camera

This camera takes wide pictures using its 22mm wide-angle lens.  The pictures tend to get dark around the edges; a detail I tend to love.  This camera is also actually pretty cheap.  Definitely a keeper on my list!

I am very interested in buying my own soon.  I will also be looking into other cameras as well.  Poketo.com has a pretty nice selection of 'toy' cameras if you would like to see or yourself.  Also, on Elsie's blog, she put up an amazing post on how to do self portraits!   You will probably be seeing some new portraits of myself on the blog soon!

Have an amazing day!


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