Saturday, April 2, 2011

Super Sunday: Charming vintage necklace

Hey guys. Today I have tutorial for a charming vintage inspired necklace. I used little trinkets I found in my Moms sewing drawer. It may be hard to make it the same way I did because you may not have the same things as I did. I used:

. old broken gold colored braclets

. an old pearl peice off of an old shirt

. pink fabric for rosette

. pink ribbon for ties and bow

Here we go!

1. Find an old chain or bracelet for base.

2. Add the pearl piece or other adornment by strong glue.

3. Make a rosette using this tutorial here and make a felt sandwich to athach it to and then to the necklace. So it goes: rosette felt chain felt.

4. If your chain does not already have a clasp, cut two small pie
ces of ribbon and super or hot glue to the bottom side of the chain.

5. Cut to same-length ribbons to match the smaller piece.

6. Glue onto other side of chain.

Tie and wear with pride!

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