Sunday, March 13, 2011

Super Sunday: Spring fling hair clip/pin

Hey everybody! It's spring break! I am dying to hit the beach but my wallet begs to differ. What are you doing for spring break? I actually am looking forward to relaxing all week. I was hanging a round a special little girl today, and she told me that she saw "gawaffs" at the "Soop." Funny, huh?
Ok on to the project. I have finished a couple of crafts this week and I will share all of them later this week. Today I just used Kim's tutorial for an adorable little rose and glued is onto a alligator clip so i can put it i/on my hair, my shirt, or my shoes! How versatile. It was made using the may flower fabric I used last week for thee pin cushion. I absolutely LOVE that fabric. I originally bought it to make a skirt but I had about a yard left after that project to do other things with. See y'all Wednesday! Lot's o love!


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