Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sorry, late blog

So, this past weekend I have been to busy to create many new things. I have neglected my responsibilities!
I will promise to get back on track now. Today I am just going to show you a round up of the things I have made recently. I
have enjoyed taking time to create things with my grandmother and her best friend. We have made some pretty things
together and I am excited to show you!

A Circle skirt. I made this based off of Dana's blog MADE. I didn't intend mine to look almost
exactly like hers, it kinda just worked out that way. That is what would go best with my wardrobe.
Also, I made these little guys. The one on the left is a rendition of Cheri'e from I AM MOMMA HEAR ROAR.
Thanks for reading and I'll have a new post Friday!

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