Friday, June 15, 2012

diy: simple kindle sleeve

    Hey friends! Today I decided my kindle needed a home.  A warm, cozy home.  So I made one.  You could easily modify this to fit any e-reader. This tutorial is super easy and quick and you can use scraps!  You, could, of course, use a fabric other than felt, but felt really holds on and will cushion your e-reader while it's in your purse, backpack, diaper bag, etc.

What you'll need:

~ scraps of felt
~ pen
~ measuring tape
~ sewing machine

~ First, measure your e- reader.  If you have the new simple kindle, it measures 4 .5 by 6 .5.  cut the back with about a third-half  inch ease.  Cut the front main color the width by the height minus 2 inches.  So I cut the back (red) 5x7, the front main 5x5, and the front accent 5x2.  Simple enough? :) Don't worry, that was the only complicated part.

~ Now sew the sew the front main (small red) and the accent (grey) right sides together with a sewing machine. 

~ Lay the front and the back together with right sides out.  Sew together as close to the edge as you think permissible. 

~ Enjoy the cozy new home for your e-reader!

Have fun changing this up and sporting your new sleeves! Have a great week, ya'll!


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