Friday, March 23, 2012

diy: lace headbands

I know there is probably a whole bunch of tutorials out there like this one, but hey maybe you haven't seen one yet.  These are SUPER simple and really easy to do.  You don't even need a machine!

skinny elastic
hand sewing supplies

Measure your head.  Yes, it sound weird, but it's unnecessary.  Mine was about 21 inches.  Cut the lace minus a few inches or so.

 Cut the elastic about 1.5 inches

Method 1:  Hand sew the elastic to the lace.  Make sure the lace isn't flipped around or it will be all funky when you put it on.

Method 2:  Sew the elastic to the lace on both ends using a sewing machine.  I used a medium width short zig-zag stitch so it would still stretch.  Sorry I forgot to take pictures. :(  Here is the setting on my machine.  Kinda blurry.


Enjoy! And happy spring you guys!


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