Thursday, February 2, 2012

pretty things to print : valentines!

I love Valentines day! (Hee hee. No pun intended.) When I was little I used to always analyze my valentines and pick whom got which one.  And to this day, I still love giving, and getting :) valentines!  You can print these out for the kids to give to their friends at school or you could give them to your loved ones this Valentines day!
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- had these cute little cards. I love the owl and the whales!

Amy's printable valentines over at amy is the party.

These rather classy valentines by the rubber punkin.

Another cute set for the kids, or um, kids at heart :) , from secret agent Josephine.

 Adorable hand illustrated cards from fresh picked whimsy.

Super fun wild thing valentines!  Get them over at paging supermom.

And also you can check out my valentines from last year here.

                                        Thanks for reading, guys!  Happy valentines day!


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